Misadventure but not a Misfortune.

I was craving for travel and I don't want to waste my vacation leave sleeping the whole day. So I decided to join a tour going to Calaguas, in Camarines Norte. I have invited my friends to join me but none of them were avail. I then book a tour and joined as a solo joiner. Knowing myself as none sociable type there's a little bit of fear or should I say doubt at the back of my mind. I have so many questions such as will I enjoy it? specially that there is a big chance that I will be isolated and alone the whole time. "Suck it up!" I told myself. I packed my things and went to Cubao on Feb 10 2017 around 7pm and joined the tour. I was lucky because our driver is very accommodating and very easy to get along with. I seated beside the driver seat since I don't know anyone inside that van. We departed before 10:00pm.  It only took us seven hours of land travel going to Vinson, Camarines Norte where we are supposed to take a boat going to Calaguas. This is were the real adventure started. We met Joshua, out organizer at the port. After we had breakfast we waited about two hours. The boats started to arrived however we were not able to get a clearance from the Philippine Coastguard. They did not allow us to sail because of the bad weather. There were no storm but the sky is too cloudy and the waves were too strong. As per coastguard. It was zero visibility. So our organizer told us that we have to go to our plan B.

Everyone is the van were all dismayed about what happened specially that some of them just like me had  multiple failed attempts already to visit the island. So the organizer talked to us and this misfortune broke the ice inside the van. We started talking, throwing jokes and enjoyed the misfortune.

I know that what happened was really frustrating for Josh specially that he have carry all the frustrations of the joiners. So I also would like to appreciate him for taking care of us. I have to commend them for the great food. I love that authentic Laing and great tasting Daing!

As plan B we went Cayucyucan Beach. It's about an hour and a half drive from Vinson. We went to Palms Farm Beach Resort in Mercedes, Camarines Norte. The beach is not bad at all.

We had over night at Palms Farm Beach Resort but we are still hopeful that the weather will be better the following day so we can still go to Calaguas.

The following day there were no change with the weather at all. Good thing that the group that I'm with were all travelers and one of them is an tour organizer. To maximize out time we left the resort early and went to Penafranncia  Basilica, in Camarines Sur before heading to Cagsawa.

It was about two to three hours land travel from the resort to Cagsawa. But honetly we haven't notice the time at all becasue be were having fun inside the van together with kuya Bong, the driver who is naturally a comedian. I am very excited about this since this was my first time to explore Bicol. It was my first time to visit Cagsawa Ruins and see the Mayon Volcano in person.

I also had a chance to taste Bicol's spicy icecream. A perfect creamy vanilla ice cream with a kick! It was really awesome.

I must say that the climax of this adventure was when I had the chance to drive an ATV going to Mayon. I wanted to go closer to Mayon and visit Black Lava however our time is limited so we all decided to take it for just an hour. The  feeling was amazing I was nervous at first but I had so much fun. This is surely not my last time here. I looking forward to be back here soon.

This misadventures was not a misfortune. I was able to try here some of my firsts. I met such wonder people band most of all I have found new travel buddies!!!

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