Visiting Makatira Island once again!

I had the chance to comeback in Makatira Island also known as Hermana menor. I missed its white sand and clear waters. When LIVE MORE ADVENTURES AND TOURS had this event I did not hesitate to join. This also served as a reunion for some of my fellow CAWAG PENTA co-participants. There were total 20 of us who went there including the driver. 

I was just two weeks have since I was there. It has been two weeks since I  posted a blog entry, shared photos is FB and IG but the Island gaind its popularity right away. I saw immediately saw other organizers created events going to Makatira Island. Some even offered cheaper tour cost but I prefer to join live more for the fact that I am 100% that it is going to be a fun trip. And they have never disappointment me. Our trip is alway full of fun and laughter. Some may be strangers from each other for a short while but once you enter the van everyone will surely become friends.

I was surprise when we arrive is the island as i saw the crowd. It has doubled in numbers since the last time we were there. Good thing that we still have our old place were we used to stay. It is the part of the island were there were no other people at all. It made everyone feel that we had the island by ourselves. It was nice to see old face and meeting new friends.

After our day tour we even had a short bonding time with some of the locas who live by shore. I forgot their names. But their was very hospitable they allowed us to use their restroom  so we can wash up and change clothes. they even cooked Calamares and Fish lumpia for us and it became out instant merienda. It was so good! the squid is fresh and flavorful.

It may take a while before I will come back there but I will surely do!

If you want to know how to go to this beautiful island, just click on this previous post “HOW TO GET TO MAKATIRA ISLAND (HERMANA MENOR)?” 

***Photos without watermarks were grabbed from the participants of this tour.***

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