Travel Guide : Mariveles Five Fingers

Explore five coves within a day at Mariveles Five Fingers. Here is a simple guide on how to go to Mariveles five finger both commute via bus or if you want bring your own vehicle. 


1. Manila to Mariveles Bataan.Via Car.

By bus (commute)  
- Take a Genesis from Pasay or Cubao going to Mariveles or Bataan Transit located in Cubao. (P280 per person)

Via Car 

  Via San Fernando Exit 

   - Manila to NLEX
   - San Fernando Exit
   - Jose Abad Santos Avenue to Lubao Pampanga
   - Roman Superhighway
   - Balanga, Bataan
   - Mariveles Mental Ward
   - Port Bonifacio
   - Manila to NLEX
   - SCTEX
   - Dinalupihan Exit
   - Roman Superhighway
   - Balanga Bataan
   - Mariveles Mental Ward
   - Port Bonifacio

2. Ride a tricycle to Aplaya or Porto Balon (P75 for 4 person)
3. Hire a boat (P2,500 for 7-8 persons - Standard roundtrip rate for cove to cove adventure)

Things to do in Mariveles Five Fingers.

1. Island Hopping. As the name implied there are five coves that you can explore namely Talaga Beach, Apatot Cove, Pulong Kawayan Cove, Tinanlakan Cove, and Nagbintana Arch. 

2. Snorkling. Enjoy the beauty of underwater creatures and sceneries in Apatot Cove.

3. Cliff Diving. You can choose from 10 ft, 15 ft or as high as 40 ft high at Tinanlakan Cliff.

4. Rock climbing. There are also nice rock formations that you can explore.

5. Take Photos. Be captivated with beautiful sceneries. Don't forget to bring your cameras to capture the amazing wonders of five fingers.

Where To Stay

1. Laki beach 
- Php 400 per person entrance fee for overnight (Php 300 for day tour) *yes they just increased their prices as of May 10 2017.
- One toilet
- Bring your own tent.
- Bring your own food. You can cook here as well
- Trees to hang your hammocks
- Few cottages available (tables)
- Fresh water is also available for washing up but not for drinking
- No electricity

2. Talain Cove - No entrance fee
- No toilet
- No electricity
- Sari Sari store 15 minutes away depending on where you set up camp
- Fresh water for washing up but no private shower areas

3. Hawla Beach (Claubel Resort) - AC and fan rooms available
- Tent pitching is allowed but you are required to get at least one cottage and pay for an overnight fee
- Accessible via car or tricycle, so you won’t need a boat ride the next day

For hassle free tour you may check out  Bataan Weather Page for inquiries on rates and schedules of their tours. They offer Mariveles Five Fingers tour on weekdays and weekends. You can enjoy Mariveles Five Fingers for Day tour or overnight.

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