The Mt. Ulap Experience

After two months of work-home routine finally I had a chance to go out of town and immerse myself with nature. It was just an on the spot invitation and I don't know what happened but I just immediately said 'yes'. So then I joined as a joiner for the Mt. Ulap dayhike with LiveMore Adventures Travel and Tours. Mt. Ulap has always been one of the destination that I always long to hike. Aside from hearing good reviews I have fell in love with the weather of Benguet and rest of the Cordillera provinces.


I don't have enough words to describe how amazed I am with the beauty of nature that I have experience so I decided to just fill this post with photos. :-)

Our meet up was at KFC Shopwise in Cubao by 11:00 pm, Saturday. We departed by 12:00 mid night. We were at Sison, Pangasinan by 4:00 am to have a short stop over for breakfast. Before 6:00 am we reached the jump off located in Brgy. Ampucao, Itogon, Bengue.

As you exit the van you will immediately feel the cool weather. It wasn't to cold during that time so I decided not wear wear jacket and stick with just a short pants. By 6:14 am I got my stamp which means I am officially registered. After registration and orientation we started our trek about 6:30 am.

As we go along the way you can feel the cool wind covering the place as the warm sunlight kisses your skin. It just felt so good to me. By 7:00 am we reached View Point were you can  take photos. The beautiful sceneries starts here.

I saw immediatly the green mountains and the clear blue sky. My heart started pumping quickly out of excitement. I told myself silently, "This hike is going to be awesome", and it was.

Compare with my previews hikes, I decided not to rush. So I decided to be part of the sweepers together with Ren, one of our coordinators and Billy our tour guide. Good thing that most of the participants were beginners. Some of then infact first time hikers so there is absolutely no pressure. Just pure fun!

I can't stop myself from taking photos as I see the beauty that surrounds me. 

I don't normally converse with our tour guides but since its like we have all the time in the world, I did so. Billy is very nice he answers your questions and gives you some trivias. I normally get shy to asked anyone to take photos of me but with Ren and Billy I didn't had any minute of hesitation. 

After a few hours of a good trek. I have reached the first peak - Ambanaw Pway before 9:00 am. The sun is starting to show his greatness but the air remains cool and calm. As the sun rises, its light exposed the beauty that was hidden in the dark. Now that we reached the first peak, this is also a sign that we will going to trek in an open trail.

At first I thought of using an umbrella to protect myself from the sun but it hussles me when the wind blows so I decided to just put it back in my backpack. 

The view here is fantastic. The view is like is the movie The lord of the rings. You would think right away that it looks like New Zealand. Mixture of green and golden brown grasses. 'It was a pecfect spot to conduct picnics', that exactly cane to my mind that time.

I have reached Gungal before 10:30am. Here you will be amazed by rock formation. You will find a lot of Instagram worthy views. Your own imagination can be your only limitation.

I have reached Mt. Ulap peak around 12:00 pm. Some of us have already felt the hunger since just like myself I did not bring lunch. However there are stores just a few minutes away where you can eat and rest. I still have all the energy that I need. Plus I still have a lot of trail food in my bag.

As we decend there are stores about 30 minutes away from the summit where you can by some snack and drinks and souvenirs as well. They sell soft-drinks and drinking water. They also have coffee, instant pansit canton and cup noodles. We had our lunch there and took some rest there.

Officially end the trail by around 2:30 pm

Thanks to our kind tour guides Ate Nadia and Billy for leading us along the trail.

There different flower and wild berries are scattered along the way. I even had a chance to taste that sweet-sour favor of those tiny berries.

Don't be fooled with the beauty of its sceneries. Always practice caution as you  take your steps along the way. The beauty of nature of nature can capture your eyes and heart but can be deadly at times.

Nature will never fail to amaze you if you look at it the right way. You can find beauty in the leaves of every plants and trees weather dry or fresh. They comes into different colors, sizes and shapes. Beauty can be found in every rock formation. Beauty can be found in the trees no matter tall or short they are. weather its alive nor dry. Beauty can be seen in the trail, weather narrow or wide. Beauty can't only be seen with the naked eye. It can also be felt through the cool breeze of the air while the warm ray of the sun touches your skin. You can also taste the fresh sweet scent of the air through the pines. You can find the beauty through the people that you meet along the journey.

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