Lazi Convent of Siquijor

The Lazi Convent is located in the  town of Lazi,  southern part of Province of Siquijor. It stands next to the San Isidro Labrador Church (the church is under an on going renovation during my visit). 

It is said to be the biggest and the oldest convent in Asia, measuring 42 meters by 38 meters. Constructed in 1887 under the supervision of a member of the Augustinian Recollect clergy, Fray Toribio Sanchez. The convent is made of lime stones, coral stones and hard wood with iron frameworks. The construction was of the building was completed in 1891.

It is home of the Siquijor Heritage Museum, where religious artifacts, church relics and historical items such as bells, instruments used in mass, robes, old diaries and more are kept. On 2001 the National Museum of the Philippines declare the convent as a National Cultural Treasure.

San Isidro Labrador Church during my visit.

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