Tangadan Water Falls

If you are not that fan of the beach Tangadan Falls is a great option for you.Take a dip in it's cool water. This waterfall in San Gabriel is just few minutes away from San Juan. It has spacious plunge pool that is perfect for swimming. You can ride and have photo ops in a bamboo raft then enjoy a cool waterfalls shower massage

How to get there

  1. If you are from Manila click her on how to get to La Union.
  2. From San Juan, ride a jeep bound for San Gabriel (Php19/person). Drop off at the town proper.
  3. Ride a tricycle to the jump-off point (Php50/tricycle to the first jump-off point). Total travel time should take 30 to 45 minutes. 
    • There are two jump-off points to Tangadan Falls. The first trail is closer from the town proper and requires an hour hike.
    • The second requires a 20 to 30-minute hike, on a steeper trail downstream. You can also charter a tricycle directly from San Juan to get to San Gabriel (Php500/tricycle).
  4. All visitors are required to pay the entrance fee (Php30/person) and get a local guide (Php500/guide per three persons). Life jackets are available for rent, for PHP50 per piece.

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