Batanes, North Batan Tour

After monstrous underwater volcanic activities millions of years ago, a group of islands was formed and it is now called Batanes. Basco is the capital of the province located in the north of Batan island in the shadow of Mt. Iraya, an active stratovolcano which last erupted in 1454.

If you have a good stamina and has an active lifestyle you can explore the whole island using a bicycle. Believe me when I say that It will be challenging. Most tourist opt for tricycle or van tours depend on how big is your group. For small group or 3 or less a tricycle tour is much recommended. It's cheaper plus you can immerse more is the beauty of Batanes and the Ivatan culture. Tourist spots in Batanes is divided into two the North Batan tour and South Batan tour.

The North Batan tour is the shortest tour which is ideal for your first day in Batanes. It covers the capital Basco and it give you a sneak peak of what to expect about your following tours and Batanes itself.

Vayang Rolling Hills

The seascape of seemingly infinite endless waives is jaw-dropping and refreshing to the eye. The cool sight of deep blue sea and hills covered with green grass plus the refreshing breeze of the strong wind coming from the ocean will make you relax and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Welcome to Basco Arch

It is a long the road and has a viewing deck with spectacular views of the ocean.

PAGASA Radar Station

From Basco it’s a 1½-hour walk, a tough 30-minute bike ride or an easy tricycle jaunt up to Radar Tukon, a weather station on a hilltop with great 360-degree views. The radar station is sitting on top of a hill, giving you a beautiful landscape of Mahatao’s hedgerows (liveng), Basco town proper, the Pacific Ocean, and the West Philippine Sea. It is the northernmost station of PAGASA serving as the reference point for weather forecasts. 

Fundacion Pacita

It is one of the best hotels/homestays in Batanes which a home studio of Pacita Abad, an international Filipino artist.

Our Lady of Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral
Popularly known as Basco Cathedral, it was the first and the oldest Catholic Church in Batanes.

Nakamaya Burial Grounds

A Burial Ground in shaped like a boat and faces the water. Human skeletons discovered here date back to AD 1600.

Basco Lighthouse at Naidi Hills

Basco Lighthouse offers a panoramic view of the ocean and perfect spot for sunset viewing.

Tukon Church

Inspired by the Ivatan stone houses, Mt. Carmel Church (or popularly known as Tukon Church) is one of the most iconic structures in Batanes as it sits on top of a hill overlooking Mt. Iraya and the town of Basco.

Dipnaysupuan Japanese Tunnel

This Japanese Tunnel served as a shelter for Japanese soldiers during World War II. 

Valugan Boulder Beach

This is not your typical beach where you can swim). There is no white nor fine sand here. However you will find incredible landscape framed by almost vertical cliffs and rolling hills formed from countless boulders.

Basco Town Proper

Since the North Batan tour is short you will have ample time to go around the town center. Try the many restaurants (some require advance reservation) and street food in the streets.


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