Racuh a Payaman (Marlboro Country)

Famous to the tourists as "Marlboro Country" of Batanes but known to locals as Racuh a Payaman.
It is  promontory and a communal pastureland in the Barangay Imjanjbu in the municipality of Uyugan, southern part of Batan Island.

It has a breathtaking panoramic view of Batan Island’s mid to north sections. From the top of the hill you can clearly see Tayid Light house from the opposite hill. The entire landscape is carpeted with vivid greens of grass. You will be mesmerized by the fascinating seaside landscape. It is impossible that your attention will not be snatched by the charm of the place wherever you look. The terrain of hills and mountains blue skies and greenfield is surely a picturesque  that photographers are dying visit for. You could end up questioning yourself “That such a place still exists in the Philippines? ”.

Racuh A Payaman is a protected location in the island of Batan in Batanes.

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