San Jose de Ivana Church

The San Jose de Ivana Church, commonly known as Ivana Church, is a Roman Catholic church located in Ivana, Batanes, Philippines dedicated to Saint Joseph. The church was declared a National Historical Landmark by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines in 2008.
The church was intended to serve the people of Ivana, Sabtang and Uyugan. The residents of Sabtang had been forcibly resettled in Ivana, but were later allowed to return to their island, reducing the size of the congregation. 

The church was partially destroyed due to an earthquake in 2000 and was later renovated during the term of Father Gumersindo Hernandez, OP, in 2001.

The church's façade was built alongside the shortening of its nave in 1854. Today, ruins of the abandoned portion of the church can still be seen. It also has a crenellated bell tower supported by unusual buttresses. Its convent, which is part of the church complex, has an unusual circular masonry work near the stairway.

Katipunan flag was first raised on Ivatan soil by the Katipuneros on the bell tower of the church on September 1898.

The church is located in front of Ivana Port, your gateway to Sabang. Nearby is the Honesty Coffee Shop and restaurants offer snacks and drinks to hungry or thirsty travelers. 

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