Vahay ni Dakay (House of Dakay )

The famous House of Dakay is located in the small town of San Jose de Ivana in Batan island, Batanes. The oldest stone house with its traditional structure is considered as a heritage treasure of Batanes. It is recognized as a world heritage building by UNESCO.

It has very thick walls made up of stone and lime built is 1887, it is the only 5 structures that survived the strong earthquake in September 13, 1918. The stone house have survived earthquakes, many storms and strong wind that hit the small province of Batanes but it remains firm, resilient and proud.

Most of the structures still retain the original materials from its foundation to its walls, and then to its layout of having the kitchen and toilet built separately from the main house. The thatched cogon roof of the house is replaced every 30 years since 1917.

Ivatans call it Vahay ni Dakay after the family who originally owned it. It was constructed in 1887 by Luisa Estrella but she gave the house to her favorite nephew, Jose Dakay Estrella, to whom the house was named.

The house belongs to Florestida Estrella, also known as Lola Ida. She is the granddaughter of the original owner of the house. Lola passed away last January 2014.

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