Vayang Rolling Hills

Vayang Rolling Hills is one of the famous destination spots in Basco, Batanes. It is located around 24 kilometres south of Basco Airport.
After passing the capitol and some building structures the scenery transitioned to a great views of grassland.

On top of the hill you will witness the spectacular view of the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) and the Eastern and Western part of Basco, Batanes. The seascape of seemingly infinite endless waives is jaw-dropping and refreshing to the eye. The cool sight of deep blue sea and hills covered with green grass plus the refreshing breeze of the strong wind coming from the ocean will make you relax and appreacite the beauty of nature.

Vayang Rolling Hills is included in North Batan Island day tour. Batan Island tricycle tour, which makes a stop at the Vayang Rolling Hills, costs PHP 1,000

How to get here?

  1. Travel time from Manila to Basco Batanes is roughly an hour and 45 minutes by air.
  2. From the airport or your inn in Basco, Vayang Rolling Hills can be reached by tricycle.

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